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Our Menu
Prices subject to change


Monday thru Friday Starting at 4pm and Saturday & Sunday 12pm

Monday: Beef and Dumplings with 1 side dish 11.95

Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday:
Our famous Chicken and Dumplings with 1 side dish 11.95

Everyday: Prime Rib (Queen Cut) 21.95 (King Cut) 25.95


We proudly serve Pepsi products: Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Birch Beer, Mist Twist, Raspberry, Orange Crush

Soda, Iced Tea, and Lemonade (free refills) 3.00
Coffee (free refills), Hot Tea, & Hot Chocolate (free refills) 1.75
Milk small 1.75  large 2.75
Juices small 1.50  large 2.50

All sandwiches come with french fries, lettuce & tomato unless noted*.
White, wheat or rye.

Prime Rib Burger (Angus burger topped with sliced Prime Rib & Onion Rings) 12.45
USDA Sirloin Hamburger 8.25
USDA Sirloin Cheeseburger 9.25
All Beef Hot Dog* 4.00
Grilled Ham & Cheese* 9.50
Our Steak Sandwiches are fresh chipped USDA Ribeye | Add mushrooms, extra cheese $.50ea

Cheese Steak 10.50
Italian Cheese Steak  (green pepper, onion, Italian dressing) 11.00
Southern Grille Special Cheese Steak (lettuce, tom, fr onion, hot and sweet peppers, mushroom, pickles) 11.50

Chicken or Tuna Salad Sandwich 9.50
Shrimp Salad Sandwich 12.95
Tuna Melt Sandwich 9.50
Southern Grille Maryland Crabcake Sandwich 12.00
Maryland Soft Shell Crab Sandwich (when in season) 13.45
Blackened or Fried Catfish Sandwich 10.95
Fried Croaker Sandwich (Firm white fish lean, full flavored with sweet taste  10.45
Fried Flounder Sandwich 12.45
Southern Grille Delight (Fried Fish and Shrimp on sub roll with lettuce, tomato & cheddar cheese) 15.75
Fried Whiting Sandwich (A firm, light, lean white fish that is sweet & delicate) 8.75
Fried Tilapia Sandwich (A mild, slightly sweet white fish) 9.95
Fried Oyster Sandwich 11.75

Fish 12” Soft Taco 9.50
Scallop 12” Soft Taco9.50
Shrimp 12” Soft Taco 9.50

Comes with your choice of one side dish

Your choice: Homemade Meatloaf or Angus Sirloin Hamburger 12.00
Your choice: Roasted Turkey or Carved Roast Beef 12.00

Comes with Fries, Lettuce , Tomato, Bacon & your choice of Provolone, Swiss, American or Cheddar

In-House Roasted Turkey and Bacon 11.25
Chicken Salad (Fresh, large chopped pieces of roasted chicken) 11.25
Tuna and Cheese 11.25
Ham and Cheese 11.25


Our seafood is prepared fresh in-house daily. All dishes served with two sides

Catfish  (Fresh, flaky and tasty. Your choice of broiled, fried or blackened) 15.45
Coconut Shrimp (Butterflied, rolled in sweet coconut. Served w/ mango salsa)  22.45
Crab Cakes  (Made w/ lump backfin crab meat. Broiled or fried)  (1) 13.95  (2) 19.85
Crab Imperial  (Creamy lump crab baked to perfection) 19.45
Clam Strips  (Fresh tender strips of clams lighted dusted and super tender) 21.05
Flounder  (Fresh and fork flaking. Your choice of broiled or fried) 17.45
Flounder Fold  (Stuffed with our delicious crab imperial, scallops & shrimp) 27.95
Fried Oysters  (Lightly dusted and fried to a golden crisp) 20.95
Fried Shrimp  (Butterflied, lightly dusted and fried) 20.45
Salmon  (Filet prepared to your liking. Your choice of broiled or blackened) 18.50
Scallops  (Large sea scallops lightly seasoned and tender. Broiled or fried) 19.75
Scallop & Crab Supreme (Scallops w/ crab imperial, cream of crab & cheddar)  24.95
Shrimp Imperial  (Shrimp surrounding our delicious crab imperial & broiled) 23.00
Whale Soft Shell Crabs  (Large soft shell blue crabs. Fried or sauteed) 21.45
Stuffed Soft Shell Crabs (2 large soft shell blue crabs stuffed w/ crab imperial) 28.95
Stuffed Flounder  (Fresh flounder stuffed with our delicious crab imperial) 22.00
Stuffed Shrimp  (Stuffed w/ delicious crab imperial & fried to a golden brown)  22.45
Tilapia  (Mild, slightly sweet white fish seasoned to perfection. Broiled/fried) 15.70
Trout  (Sea trout, flaky and cooked just right. Your choice of fried or broiled) 14.00
Whiting  (Firm, light & lean white fish that's sweet & delicate. Fried or broiled) 14.00


Cream of Crab (Maryland Lump) cup 5.75
                                                         bowl 675

Lima Beans and Dumplings  cup 4.00
                                               bowl 4.75

Soup of the Day



Dressing: Ranch, French, 1000 Island, Bleu Cheese, Italian, Honey Mustard

House Salad (Romaine hearts with tomato, cucumber and onion) 4.50
Chef’s Salad (Romaine hearts, ham, roast beef, turkey, tomato,
cucumbers & cheese) 10.50

Chicken Salad (Chicken salad on a bed of Romaine. Choice of two sides) 11.45
Shrimp Salad  (Shrimp salad on a bed of Romaine. Choice of two sides) 17.45
Tuna Salad  (Tuna salad on a bed of Romaine. Choice of two sides) 11.45


Comes with your choice of two sides

Muskrat Dinner (Broiled and flash fried. Served plain or smothered
in gravy or BBQ sauce) 17.95

All dishes are served with your choice of two sides unless otherwise noted*
Add to any entree: fried onions or green peppers 0.50, mushrooms 0.75 or a side salad 0.75

12oz Chopped Sirloin Steak (USDA Angus ground beef cooked to your liking) 16.00
Liver & Onions  (Tender beef liver topped w/ fr onions & gravy) 1pc 12.50  2pc 13.55
Meatloaf  (USDA sirloin beef topped with gravy) 15.05
Meatloaf Parmesan (Sirloin beef topped w/ tomato sauce & provolone cheese) 16.45
8 oz. Sirloin  (USDA select) 16.75
16 oz. Jumbo Sirloin  (USDA select) 23.75
8 oz. Ribeye  (USDA select) 19.65
Prime Rib (A tender cut in our secret au jus) 8oz Queen Cut 21.95  6oz King Cut  23.95
Roast Beef  (Fresh & tender, roasted in-house, sliced daily) 15.55
Steak Imperial  (8 oz. sirloin topped w/ crab imperial & splash of cream of crab)  21.45
Shepherd's Pie  (USDA ground beef w/ mixed veggies, mashed potatoes
& gravy with 1 side) 14.75
Stuffed Peppers (Stuffed with USDA sirloin ground beef, rice & tomato sauce) 16.75

Center Cut Pork Chops  (Bone-in. Grilled or fried) (1) 16.25  (2) chops 22.25
Country Fried Pork Chops  (Thick, boneless, breaded, fried, top w/ gravy) 14.75

Grilled Pork Chops  (Boneless chops grilled to perfection) 14.75
Ham Steak  (Thick, grilled and topped with pineapple and cherries) 15.75
Stuffed Pork Tenderloin  (Stuffed with homemade stuffing topped with gravy) 14.75


Chicken Cordon Bleu  (Stuffed w/ ham and cheese, fried and topped w/ gravy)  16.95
Chicken Imperial  (Boneless chicken breast grilled, topped w/ crab imperial

and our homemade cream of crab soup) 20.35
Chicken Monterrey  (Boneless breast grilled and topped w/ Catalina dressing)  
Chicken Parmesan  (Boneless breast topped w/ tomato sauce & mozzarella) 16.45
Country Fried Chicken Breast  (Bnless, Breaded, fried and topped with gravy)  15.55
Fried Chicken (Fried in house coating. +3.00 all white) (2pc) 13.45 (4pc)15.45
Grilled Boneless Chicken Breast 15.95
Grilled Cajun Chicken Breast  (Boneless, dusted in spicy Cajun spice) 15.95
Grilled Swedish Cajun Chicken Breast  (I n spicy & tangy Swedish Cajun spices) 15.95
Turkey Pot Pie  (Roasted turkey with potatoes & vegetables, topped with

gravy.  Comes with 1 side dish) 14.95
Turkey and Dressing  (Fresh roasted turkey with our homemade dressing) 14.50


All entrees served with your choice of two sides

Chicken Salad & Crab Cake  (Our homemade chicken salad and one crab cake) 17.95
Chicken Salad & Fried Oysters  (Our chicken salad with yummy fried oysters) 18.85
Crab Cake & Fried Oysters  (One of our famous crab cakes & fried oysters) 23.45
Crab Cake & Shrimp  (One crab cake and butterflied shrimp. Fried or broiled) 23.45
Crab Cake & Shrimp Salad  (One crab cakes and our homemade shrimp salad) 23.45
Crab Cake & 2pc Fried Chicken  (One crab cake w/ 2pcs finger-licking chicken) 20.25
Jumbo Fried Seafood (One fish fillet, one crab cake, two scallops, two oysters,

two shrimp, and clam strips) 31.45
Ribeye & Crab Cake (8oz Ribeye & one famous lump crab cake. Fried/broiled) 27.35
Ribeye & (3) Shrimp, Scallops or Oysters (8oz Ribeye & your choice of fried or broiled seafood) 26.35
Sirloin & Crab Cake (Sirloin & crab cake. Fried or broiled) 10oz 24.50  16oz 31.05
Sirloin & (3) Shrimp, Scallops or Oysters (Fried or broiled) 10oz 23.75  16oz 31.35


Side Dishes 4.00   |   Add a House Salad 2.00

Apple Sauce, Baked Potato (weekends only), Candied Yams, Coleslaw, Collard Greens, Corn Fritters, Cucumbers & Onions, Deviled Eggs, Dressing, French Fries, Lima Beans & Dumplings, Macaroni & Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, Potato Salad, Redskin Potatoes, Sweet Potato Souffle, Stewed Tomatoes, String Beans, White Rice, Corn Pudding, Fried Cabbage, Pickled Beets, Vegetable of the Day


Pies and cakes may be purchased by the slice or a whole pie.
Ask your server about availability.

Apple Pie 4.50
Blueberry Pie 4.50
Cherry Pie 4.50
Chocolate Meringue 4.50
Coconut Custard 4.50
Coconut Meringue 4.50
Lemon Meringue 4.50
Pecan Cream Cheese 4.50
Pumpkin 4.50
Pie of the Day  (Ask your server) 4.50

Banana Walnut 4.50
Chocolate 4.50
Coconut 4.50
Strawberry Shortcake 5.00
Cake of the Day (Ask your server) 4.50

Apple Dumplings 5.50
Bread Pudding 4.75
Rice Pudding 4.75
Cherry Delight (Whipped cheesecake base topped with cherry filling) 4.75
Pretzel Salad (Crushed pretzels & a creamy cheesecake topped w/ fresh strawberries in jello) 4.75

Kids Menu
All kids menu items come with french fries

Hamburger (USDA Choice) 6.50
Cheeseburger (USDA Choice) 7.00
Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Your choice of bread: white, wheat or rye) 4.25
Chicken Tenders 6.00
Wing Dings 6.00
Chicken Drumstick 4.05
Hot Dog 4.25

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